Another £1.7m for Ochil View Tenants

Ochil View Housing Associations annual review has revealed that the Associations Tenancy Sustainment Service secured almost £1.7m income for its tenants during 2018/2019. Bringing the total amount secured since the service was introduced in 2011 to over £8m the Associations Chief Executive, George Tainsh said: “This is a fantastic achievement and fully endorses the Associations decision to introduce the service by employing 2 specialist members of staff. In Margaret Hall and Robert Cowan we now have the staff resources to make a real difference to the lives of many of our tenants and their families who are being squeezed financially from many different angles. Being in a position to offer advice and practical assistance to ensure that every £1 due to tenants is being claimed is vitally important. On the flip side it is disappointing that many families continue to find it difficult to make ends meet.”

In terms of delivering the service, Tenancy Sustainment Officer Margaret Hall said, “With Universal Credit now firmly within the Welfare Rights spectrum, we have had to come up with some new strategies to help our tenants. We are always thinking of new ways to improve the situation that some of our tenants find themselves in, by big changes or small.

The thank you cards that we have received do help us to keep going!”

Margaret Hall, Tenancy Sustainment Officer and Robert Cowan, Tenancy Sustainment Assistant