Ochil View Welcomes 1400th Tenant

Last month Ochil View welcomed its 1400th tenant following the completion of their latest new housing development at Millers Lade Avenue, Sauchie.

Housing Services Officer, Marian Kelley along with Chief Executive, George Tainsh recently visited the Outersons where the family were all happy to pose for the obligatory photo outside their new home.  Mum Sarah said “We are all delighted with our new home as it now suits our medical needs. Also, having previously been in a private let having a secure tenancy makes us all feel more settled”.

George Tainsh said “Although the development took several years to come together all the hard work and effort is completely vindicated when such appreciation is expressed from those who have been allocated a property. Hearing of the difference which the new home has made to people’s lives is what makes the job absolutely worthwhile and is after all what the Association was established for 30 years ago. As the Association celebrates 30 years it is pleasing that yet another significant milestone can be publicly recognised. Everyone at Ochil View would like to wish all the new tenants at Millers Lade Avenue well in their new home.

Housing Services Officer, Marian Kelley (left) with Sarah and her children Sophie and Stephen