Estate Inspections

The Association carries out regular inspections of its estates to ensure they are maintained in a good condition.  These visits are undertaken twice yearly.  During the inpsection our staff will record any areas of disrepair, untidiness and the condition of any common landscaping.  Any items requiring attention or repair are instructed.  We welcome any tenant to participate in the inpsection with our staff to go over any concerns you may have.

If you are interested in this, please contact us on 01259 722899 and ask to speak to a member of the Technical Services Team. 

The tables below show our performance to date on carrying out inspections.

December 2019 - click here

November 2019 - click here

October 2019 - click here

September 2019 - click here

June 2019 - click here

May 2019 - click here

April 2019 - click here

March 2019 - click here

February 2019 - click here

December 2018 - click here 

November 2018 - click here

October 2018 - click here 

September 2018 - click here

August 2018 - click here

June 2018 - click here

May 2018 - click here

April 2018 - click here

2018-19 - click here

31 March 2018 - click here

February 2018 - click here

Inspection Programme 2017/2018 - click here

December 2017 - click here

November 2017 - click here

October 2017 - click here

Estate Inspection Programme September - click here

We have now published our inspection programme for 2018-19 and have put measures in place to ensure the targets are met and all estates are visited when planned. If you do have any concerns about the estate you live in, please report these directly to the office on 01259 722899 so we can deal with your enquiry.