Looking for an Exchange - Fife

Ochil View have now joined Home Swap, Fife Council’s new online Mutual Exchange Service. Home Swap has been created to assist tenants in finding a suitable mutual exchange. If you are currently looking to move home, Home Swap may be of use to you.

Home Swap is available online via Fife Direct at www.fifedirect.org.uk.  As an online service, you can access your account at a time that suits you, and gives you Fife wide access to other tenants looking to exchange. To access Home Swap you must be logged into Fife Direct.  If you are not currently registered on Fife Direct, you must create your own Fife Direct account. (Please note – the Fife Direct account must be held in the name of the tenant or joint tenant).

When you are logged in, the Home Swap Mutual Exchange panel is displayed on your main home page.  You must then register within Home Swap by providing your property information; this creates mutual exchange property advert. Once you have registered we need to approve your account - we respond quickly and you will be notified by email once your account is active.  If we need to contact you regarding your account we will email you – please check your email regularly.

Once you are approved, you can enter your housing preferences, upload photographs of your home, and start searching for an exchange.

To protect your privacy, we will not display your personal information on the site.  If a tenant wishes to make contact with another user, we send an email to advise.  You can then decide if you wish for your information to be released to the third party.

We believe Home Swap is simple to use but a full Users Guide and Frequently Asked Questions are available within the site. If you wish to sign up go to www.fifedirect.org.uk and register your details now. If you do not have internet access at home please visit your local library, where free internet access is available for your use.

If you have difficulties when registering or managing your account please contact Fife Council directly at: housing.allocations@fife.gov.uk.