Performance Report 2018/19

Performance Report 2018/19

The Scottish Housing Regulator has released the Landlord Reports for every Scottish social landlord. It has also made available a national online comparison tool. This gives tenants and landlords a wider range of accessible performance information than ever before.

The Regulator’s reports set out how Scotland’s social landlords are performing against the Scottish Social Housing Charter in the areas tenants told the Regulator matter most: homes and rents, quality and maintenance, neighbourhoods, tenant satisfaction and value for money.

A copy of this report can be read by clicking here

We have also sent a copy of the Performance Report that Ochil View has sent to tenants each year since 2005. (To read this click link to our 2018/19 report here).

If you would like more information about Ochil View’s performance and how it compares to other landlords, you can visit the Scottish Housing Regulator’s website at

If you would like to discuss Ochil View’s Performance and how we plan to improve you can:
• Write to us - at the usual address.
• Phone us - 01259 722899
• Send us an e-mail:
• Join the Involved Residents Group.

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