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Marian Kelley

Marian Kelley

Christine Thomson

Christine Thomson

Linda Ure

Linda Ure

Alloa is the largest settlement within Clackmannanshire and, together with Sauchie which is only a few miles away, Ochil View provides 420 homes in the town. Many of these are in smaller redevelopment sites within the town centre and have helped to reuse former industrial properties or land for housing.

Estate Management / ASB issues and information

Our stock in Alloa is managed by Linda Ure, Marian Kelley and Christine Thomson.

Marian’s priority is to reduce anti-social behaviour in her Alloa and Sauchie estates at present however she will continue to regularly inspect her other estates and any issues should be reported to her.

Although there are no major issues in Christine’s Alloa estates at present, she will continue to work with all residents in her estates in an aim to improve gardens and reduce anti-social behaviour as priorities.

Linda’s Anti-social Behaviour and Estate Management Priorities over the next few months include carrying out estate inspections,
inspection of closes and bin store areas, particularly at Old Mill Lane, Oakley and St. Mungo’s Wynd, Alloa.

If you would like further information or wish to discuss any estate management issue please contact Tel:  01259 722899 or


Local Investment Plans

Earlier this year the Association announced that it has entered into a Strategic Collaborative Working Agreement with Kingdom Housing Association for the delivery of new affordable housing projects in the Clackmannanshire area. The first planned project for the Ochil View/Kingdom partnership will be a 12 unit project in Sauchie where the site is currently owned by the Association.  The project is planned to start in 2017/18 and a future programme is being discussed between the partners.

In 2018-19 we aim to invest:

• £67,000 on new kitchens to Broad Street and Stripehead;
• £23,000 on smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detectors in St Mungo's Wynd;
• £4,500 on cyclical decoration in Posthill, Garvalley Crescent, Mar Street, Bank Street and Burgh Mews;
• £50,000 on improving the doors, entry system and security at Bridge Terrace;
• £132,000 on repairs and improvement works to the concrete / steel walkways at Mill Road.