Technical Advice


You will find it where the main water pipe enters your home – usually under the sink.  Sometimes it is in the downstairs toilet or in a cupboard.

It is usual to turn it clockwise to turn it off and anti-clockwise to turn it on.  If you cannot move it, call the Repairs Team, or our Emergency Out of Hours repair line, if the office is shut.

When you turn it back on, turn it back half a turn as this reduces the chance of it seizing.  We recommend you to check your stopcock each year.


If you lose your electricity, it is most likely to be due to a power surge or a faulty appliance.  If you call Ochil View to reconnect you and it is due to one of your appliances being faulty, we will charge you for the call out, so it is worth trying to rule this out.

Your electricity circuits are protected by circuit breakers. When you lose power, you need to firstly try to reset your circuit breaker.  To do this, take a torch if necessary and turn off the main switch on the circuit breaker.  Look for a mini circuit breaker that has switched to the off position and switch it back on. Then turn the main switch back on.  Sometimes there are buttons to reset rather than switches.

If the switch won’t turn back on then you still have a fault.  You should unplug your appliances – start with the fridge as it is often this – and add them back in one by one until the switch stays on.

If you are unable to do this or this does not work then call the Repairs Line during office hours or our Emergency Out of Hours line.


If you smell gas you should:

• dial the National Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999 – this number is answered day or night
• Open doors and windows
• Avoid the use of any naked flames or electrical switches
• Turn off all gas appliances

The National Gas Emergency Service may ask you to turn off your gas.  Your gas supply stopcock is usually located between your boiler and the outside wall.