Organisational Structure


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  • Margaret Baxter (Chairperson)
  • Lindsay Stother (Vice Chairperson)
  • Susan Mackay (Treasurer)
  • Tom Brown
  • Graham Collie 
  • Teresa McNally
  • Ewen Cameron
  • Lindsay Stother
  • Lynne Brierley
  • Bramley Eccles
  • John Campbell
  • Louise Gregory
  • Samuel Brown
  • Kevin Keane
  • The Management Committee is made up of 14 committee members who are elected annually at the Annual General Meeting where at least 30% resign each year to enable new committee members to be elected. The membership of the Sub-Committees is agreed by the Management Committee.

    The Management Committee delegates certain aspects of its business to Sub-Committees and has  recently reviewed its Committee Structure with the result that the number of Sub-Committees has reduced from four to three. These are as follows:

    • Human Resources and Health & Safety Committee
    • Finance, Audit & Corporate Governance Committee
    • Customer Services Committee

    The Management Committee meets on a monthly basis and the Sub-Committees meet on a pre-agreed timetable. 

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    Following a major restructure during 2018 the Association has introduced a Customer Services Department formed through a merger of the previous Housing Services and Property Services Departments under the management of a single “Director of Customer Services” post and this is also now responsible for the provision of frontline customer services.

    This new structure reflects the changes to the Association's business over the past 2/3 years, and is intended to prepare the Association for the significant challenges ahead by establishing a more efficient, effective and relevant staff structure aimed primarily at improving the delivery of services to existing tenants.

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    Housing Services

    Housing management staff (within the Customer Services Department) continue to be responsible for letting houses, dealing with tenancy related issues such as anti-social behaviour, working with registered tenants organisations, managing rent arrears etc…

    Property Services   

    Property Services staff (within the Customer Services Department), continue to be responsible for dealing with all reactive, cyclical and planned maintenance  issues ensuring that the Association delivers a quality repairs service to tenants and ensures that properties are maintained and improved to ensure that they continue to meet the Scottish Housing Quality Standard.


    The Finance and Corporate Services Department is responsible for all financial and corporate services aspects of the Association’s business including internal and external audit, human resources and health and safety.