Terminating your tenancy

You must give us at least 28 days written notice to end your tenancy.
You can do this in writing either by sending us a letter or filling in a form which you can get from our office or download.
Your husband or wife, your civil partner, your partner or any joint tenant, must also sign to show that they agree the tenancy should be given up.
Please remember, it is important to tell us the date you are moving out and your new address.
You should also tell us who supplies your gas and electricity.
Before you leave your home you should:
  • Let us in to carry out a pre-termination inspection (we will arrange a convenient time)
  • Ensure the house is in good condition and clean and tidy
  • Take all your property from the house, loft and garden
  • Carry out any repairs that are your responsibility
  • Pay the rent and any other charges due to us
  • Take final meter readings for your gas and electricity
  • When you leave, return the keys to us by 12.00pm on the day your tenancy ends 

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