Our responsibilities

The Association will:

  • Keep your property wind and water-tight and reasonably fit for habitation.
  • Maintain the following areas (as set out in sections 5.1 to 5.14 of your Tenancy Agreement): The structure and exterior of the property, e.g. walls, roofs chimneys, external doors, windows, etc; heating and hot water installations, sanitary fittings, water heaters, back boilers, sinks, basins, baths, WC’s, pipework, electrical circuits, switches and outlet points, smoke alarms, etc; common areas, e.g. stairs, stair lighting etc.
  • Give you 24 hours notice in writing of access being required for inspection or routine maintenance.
  • Force entry to carry out repairs in the case of emergency. 
  • Leave your property in a secure condition and provide advice regarding access when we do force entry.
  • Recharge you for damage which you have caused to your or your neighbours homes.
  • Not hold keys to your property.

Click here to read our Lettable Standard 2018 document.